Tyre Dog - 4 Wheel Tyre Pressure Monitor

The Tyredog Wireless TPMS (WTPMS) is an efficient & effective solution to many of the current automotive safety problems. WTPMS will help prevent driving on deflated or underdeflated tyres and reduce fuel consumption. WTPMS has captured the focus of the industry because of its unique valve stem cap design. The extremely lightweight, compact sensors have been specifically designed to reduce installation costs and time. Through wireless technology, tyre pressure and temperature can now be displayed on the user-friendly graphic interface LCD monitor.

It is estimated that 83% of tire pressure loss occurs gradually - often without being noticed by the driver. Running tires at 20% under-inflation can reduce tyre life by up to 50%. These figures strongly highlight the need for a robust mechanism to detect loss of tyre pressure early, thus enabling timely rectification leading to enhanced safety.


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