How to use your GPS,

  • How to set up the unit
  • How to enter waypoints
  • How to work with Tracks and Routes
  • How to upload and download data from your GPS to your PC and visa versa.

Navigation course

Where you will get taught to use your GPS to ...
  • Plot positions
  • Calculate Latitude and Longitude
  • Determine compass bearings
  • Calculate distances
  • Estimated time of Arrival
  • Navigate using Dead Reckoning

Training Course in Mapsource.

  • How to work with the package
  • ....including entering, editing and deleting Waypoints
  • How to edit Tracks
  • How to join Tracks and plan your trip on your PC, Routes
  • How to Calculate Distance, etc

Additional Service

Products are sold at excellent prices with great after sales service or if you are not a computer boffin we will install your software on your PC or laptop at your home for a reasonable additional cost.
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